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Clean Hands, Pure Heart

By Philip A. Harrison

Overcoming Addiction to Pornography through the Redeeming Power of Jesus Christ

Used by many in their search to overcome their addiction to pornography, Clean Hands, Pure Heart is rapidly becoming one of the best known LDS Twelve Step books on the topic.

A Personal Story of Redemption and Recovery

In Clean Hands, Pure Heart, Philip A. Harrison relates his journey out of addiction to pornography into recovery and freedom. He explains: “Like Paul and Alma the Younger, who also spent a portion of their lives in serious darkness and were delivered from it by Christ Himself, I am willing to allow my life to be an example of someone the Lord has rescued from ‘the darkest abyss.'”

What You Will Read in Clean Hands, Pure Heart

Using the scriptures and teachings of Church leaders, along with the Twelve Steps of recovery, Phil leads us through the process of coming until Christ and having our burdens lifted. For those who have struggled with sexual addiction or any other overwhelming challenge, as well as for those who care about them, this book offers welcome help, guidance and hope.

Available formats: Paperback, eBook
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