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What Readers Are Saying about Clean Hands, Pure Heart


I am most impressed with this book and can really relate to it. There is something about what Phil Harrison says and how he says it that totally captivates me. I feel that this book is something the Lord wants me to know and will be of eternal value to me and my family. God bless you, Phil, for your sharing!


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Clean Hands, Pure Heart is one of the most straightforward and truthful books I have ever read. It is deeply moving and spiritual. It is written sensitively and with great care for the tender feelings of all who may read it. Its principles can be applied to any addiction, compulsive addictive behavior or “bad habit” we may struggle with in this mortality. The same principles can help the loved ones of an addicted person just as well. I was deeply touched and changed by Phil’s description of our common need for Christ’s healing power. He has helped me to face the truth that my own addiction to overspending is a form of “lust,” as it is based on greed, not gratitude, and leads a person into bondage, not freedom.

I’ve tried many therapies for my own addiction, but have found only one permanent solution—the one described so powerfully in this book. Christ is the Master Physician, therapist and healer. His miracle awaits. His gifts are only waiting for us to rejoice in them more than in the things of the world. Our gratitude will open them to us. I was most impressed by the depth of Phil’s chapters on making amends, something most of us skim over.

There are many modalities of healing out there today which call “lo here, lo there,” but Christ gives the only true and lasting healing as portrayed in Clean Hands, Pure Heart. The gospel principles in this book will lead a person not only to repent and find forgiveness but to also find a remission of their sins.

—C. D.

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Phil Harrison’s grasp of the Twelve Step program is breathtaking! Although I struggle with a different addiction, I found each chapter adding to my own recovery. His insights and clear explanations were very helpful to me. I would recommend this book to anyone who hungers and thirsts after greater righteousness and spiritual experience. The result will be a renewal of your pre-mortal relationship with the Savior Jesus Christ, which will enable you to remain addiction-free.

—Joy S.

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If you’ve tried and failed time and time again to overcome a sexual struggle, you may have begun to wonder whether there is a way out. Perhaps you’ve even begun to doubt that God could possibly still love or forgive you. Well, get ready for some really good news! In Clean Hands, Pure Heart, Phil Harrison describes a reliable, step-by-step route out of the hell of addiction. This is a landmark volume because Phil not only teaches the Twelve Steps, he shows us exactly how we can use them to keep relying on the Lord and thereby regain our freedom, sanity, and serenity. Thank you, Phil, for your courage, your faith, and for sharing this hard-won map with the rest of us!

—Mark Chamberlain, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist
author of Wanting More and coauthor of Willpower Is Not Enough

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Any person could learn a great deal from this book. It is more than a book about sexual addiction. It is a book that teaches all of us how to have a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. I can see it being helpful to seminary teachers as well as bishops, addicts, and parents of teens having problems. People with other addictions, such as food addictions, could also find it helpful. I was especially appreciative of Phil’s use of the scriptures and quotations from General Authorities. I look forward to having this book as a source of reference that I can use with other people.

I recommend reading the Preface. It is an indispensable introduction to the author’s intent, and you feel the spirit that he has. In Chapter One he briefly relates his experience and in the balance of the book explains his journey to implement the Twelve Step program as he works to “come unto Christ.”

—JoAnn Hibbert Hamilton
author of To Strengthen the Family and
founder of the organization “Citizens for Families”

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To all the hundreds of men and women who have been encouraged by my Steven Cramer books, but felt the need for a more practical, step-by-step, how-do-I-make-it-happen guide, here at last is the book we have all been waiting for. If I could only recommend one book to someone struggling with addiction, this is the book I would choose. The sexual addictions I describe in The Worth of Every Soul would never have lasted thirty years if someone had taught me the principles and the process explained so masterfully in Clean Hands, Pure Heart. How I wish Phil Harrison had been born fifty years sooner!

The scriptures tell us the Lord delights in plainness. All our lives we’ve heard how simple the gospel is. But it doesn’t seem simple or plain when an overpowering addiction has us tangled in defeat and shame and we can’t seem to make the principles work for us. In my opinion, this book illustrates the path to recovery so plainly, so understandably and convincingly that one cannot wait to throw away the shackles and start anew on the road to recovery, confident that, this time, the changes will be permanent.

As one who was addicted to pornography for over thirty years, and as one who has been blessed to experience the new birth and mighty change of heart that can only come from the Savior, I’ve been writing about the recovery and the healing process for over twenty years. After eight books of my own, I am thrilled to share my opinion that no one has explained it better or made it more believable than Phil Harrison in this book. If you are yearning to be free of addiction, sin and guilt, if you are yearning for peace and to feel right with yourself, your loved ones and your Lord, please read, study, digest, trust and apply the principles you will discover in this book.

Beyond the scriptures, there is no book that can save you or give you freedom, victory and cleanliness, for only the Lord can do that. But Clean Hands, Pure Heart, better than any other book I’ve read, can help us set aside our doubts and fears, help us to open the door to our heart and make it possible for the Savior to enter and work his miracles within us.

—Steven A. Cramer
author of The Worth of a Soul, Great Shall Be Your Joy, Putting On the Armor of God,
Conquering Your Own Goliaths, In the Arms of His Love, In His Image,
Draw Near Unto Me, and The Worth of Every Soul

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Philip A. Harrison, a recovering pornography addict, has produced a remarkable document entitled Clean Hands, Pure Heart: Overcoming Addiction to Pornography through the Redeeming Power of Jesus Christ. This is a Twelve-Step workbook which makes use of LDS scriptures and sources to guide the reader through a journey of healing. It is highly readable, doctrinally on target, and therapeutically sound. This could be very useful for group as well as individual use.

I really like the way Philip Harrison communicates and personalizes things. It makes it so easy for the reader to walk in his shoes and identify with all of the challenges that he had to face. I also liked the way he makes use of scriptures and the “word of God” to lead the reader through the Twelve Steps in a doctrinally correct way.

I have a number of areas that I feel I have some considerable competence in as I treat people with sex addiction problems. I went to each of these areas in Clean Hands, Pure Heart to see how he handled them, and with every one I felt that he was on solid ground therapeutically. He didn’t exaggerate or go beyond what we know. I found him again and again hitting the bull’s-eye with correct and useful information.

—Victor B. Cline, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist,
Professor Emeritus, Dept. Of Psychology, University of Utah

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