Addiction and the LDS Community

We are sometimes asked, “If members of the LDS Church are committed to the Word of Wisdom and living a virtuous life, why do they need a recovery program?”

The short answer is: We’re mortal, just like everyone else. And just like everyone else, we have weaknesses that sometimes lead us to sin, compulsive behaviors, and addiction.

Hearthaven Publishing offers help for those suffering with addiction, as well as for their loved ones.


There Are Different Kinds of Addictions

Traditionally, we tend to think of addiction as alcoholism or drug abuse. We may even consider gambling and pornography serious addictions. We tell ourselves that as long as we don’t participate in those activities, we are fine. Unfortunately, we have found this description of addiction to be too limiting.

Addiction can take many forms. Consider the more “socially acceptable” addictions, such as overeating, overspending, video games, Internet use, and perfectionism. These, and other spirit-numbing or destructive behaviors, are causing problems for LDS people, just as certainly as addiction to alcohol and drugs. It is surprising to many that these behaviors are being referred to as addictions, but that is the only word to describe the devastation they cause in many lives, LDS or not.

More and more good and honest men and women are being caught up in addiction. We look for things to distract us from the pain of living. These distractions—any distraction—can become an addiction. Even praiseworthy activities, like work and church service, can become a substitute for real peace and harmony, which only comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ.


There is Hope—Recovery is Possible

The solution to our problems, whatever they may be, comes through turning our hearts and souls over to the Lord, Jesus Christ. Seeking personal revelation and guidance to know how to balance our different activities is an essential key to finding peace in this world of multiple responsibilities, stresses, and distractions.

We hope you will seek out the literature we offer on this website, because that is the message we carry: No matter what your challenge, affliction, or addiction, there is one Solution that works for everyone—Jesus Christ.

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