12 Step Community



Heart t’ Heart

Heart t’ Heart is a 12-step program dedicated to helping LDS people overcome the effects of compulsive, addictive behaviors in their lives or in the life of a loved one. With permission of AA World Services, Inc., Heart t’ Heart adapted the 12 steps to reflect Book of Mormon references and LDS principles.

Heart t’ Heart believes a behavior can be considered an addiction or compulsion when the person doing the behavior desires desperately to stop but has found no permanent way to do so. As such, Heart t’ Heart meetings are open to individuals desiring to recover from behaviors such as codependency, eating disorders, workaholism, gambling, compulsive spending, perfectionism, as well as alcohol, drug and sex addictions.


LDS Family Services Addiction Recovery Program

Recovery roups are sponsored by LDS Family Services. Generally, LDS Family Services does not provide direct professional services for alcohol and drug problems because of the long term nature of rehabilitation and specialized training required. They may offer some sponsorship of programs they feel are appropriate. Support groups may be started in an outlying area with the assistance of the local LDS Family Services representative. For more information, contact the LDS Family Services Agency in your area.


Evergreen International Inc.

Evergreen is an LDS support group for those struggling with same-sex attraction, founded in 1989 as a non-profit education and resource organization by individuals who were experiencing unwanted same-sex attrtactions (SSA/SGA) in their own lives..




Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous is the original twelve step program. While its focus is on recovery from alcoholism, the steps they founded have been used for recovery from many other types of addiction.

Sexaholics Anonymous

Using the twelve steps as a way to overcome sexual addiction, this organization has literature that may be of value to those members of the LDS Church struggling with this addiction.