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12 Step Materials for the Latter-day Saint Community

God is Waiting for Us . . .

It takes humility to take the first three steps—the surrender steps. They seem so desperate, like I’m throwing in the towel on my life. Like I’m giving up every bit of personal power. And I am. But in the most counter-intuitive and paradoxical way, these steps toward...

Overcoming Evil

At a conference a few years ago, a talked about how important it is to fight the adversary, to do combat with him. I suppose that on the surface this seems like a good idea, but my heart cried out, “No!” I wanted to jump from my seat and proclaim what I perceive to be...
Becoming One with Christ

Becoming One with Christ

When you become one with Jesus Christ, you become the highest and most Christ-like version of yourself that you could ever imagine. How do we become one with Christ? By trying to be like Him? No. We’re not talking about “trying to be like.” By trying to emulate Him?...
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