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ISBN: 978-1930738218

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Colleen C. & Philip A. Harrison

From Heartache to Healing

LDS 12 Step Recovery

Finding Power in Christ to Deal with a Loved One’s Sexual Addiction

At Last—Help for the Spouses of Sex Addicts

Do you have a loved one who is sexually addicted?

Do you wish you could visit with a couple who has faced this challenge and survived?

This book is your chance to do that.

A Long-Awaited Book

There is help for those with sexual addiction in the LDS community. Sadly, help for their loved ones has been slower in coming forth. In From Heartache to Healing, Colleen and Phil Harrison offer compassion and understanding, as they share the principles and insights that helped them find the Savior’s grace and guidance to face and survive the heartache of sexual addiction.

 There is hope for healing, through the Power in Jesus Christ. Colleen shares inspiring wisdom from a wife’s perspective; Phil’s testimony, as a man who has been clean from sexual addiction for over ten years, will bless you as well. Their combined testimony is that you can find peace and healing through the Savior’s offer of atonement.

Based on Personal Experience

Phil Harrison struggled with addiction for over 30 years. After his first wife, Kathy, passed away, he married Colleen less than a year after getting into a 12 Step recovery program. Colleen had previously been married to another sexually addicted man, but one who did not seek help or recovery, and ended up going to prison because of his indulgence in his addiction. When Colleen and Phil became acquainted, Colleen had been divorced from her first husband for several years. Based on their experiences—Phil’s with addiction and recovery, and Colleen’s with marriage to two different men with different approaches to their sexual addiction—the authors share from a wealth of experience concerning what does and doesn’t work.


This is a message for those looking to put the jigsaw pieces of their lives back together again. Your thoughts and concepts bring hope and faith and a reason to believe that life can be sweet and good again.

Bishop S.
(an LDS bishop)


Fifteen years ago, I made the painful decision to divorce my husband due to pornography addiction and the accompanying abusive behaviors. I wish I’d had the concepts in this book to help be back then.



LIFE CHANGING! Sorry for shouting, but those are shouts of joy! These are the exact words that I needed to read NOW for my life. Thank you, thank you… and praise be the Lord in this collaborative effort!



I feel like I’m sitting in the living room of this amazing couple while they share priceless experience with me. I am eternally grateful they put their pride and privacy aside to help those who are struggling.



I thought my temple marriage would last but pornography addiction made it impossible. Reading this book so many years later has helped me to understand my part in the divorce, to forgive my ex-husband, and trust the Lord to continue to heal my heart.


Colleen and Phil Harrison

Best Selling Authors

Colleen C. & Philip A. Harrison

Colleen and Phil Harrison were married for over 20 years. They have a combined family of 17 children and many grandchildren. They enjoyed being full-time companions and sharing the Twelve Steps and their testimonies of Jesus Christ. Phil Harrison passed away in 2021.
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