Hearthaven Publishing Timeline


Timeline of Hearthaven Publishing
and He Did Deliver Me From Bondage

Over the years since the first publication of He Did Deliver Me from Bondage, many people have asked how this book came to be and where it fits in the development of and association with various LDS addiction recovery programs. Below is a brief timeline.

A close reading and annotation of the Book of Mormon revealed an affirmation of the principles of the Twelve Steps. Did extensive daily writing for the sake of my own recovery, using the Book of Mormon and Alcoholics Anonymous as sources of reflection and insight.

January, 1989:
Participated in a study group using The Twelve Steps, A Way Out. Began to picture what it would be like to have such a study guide based on the Book of Mormon’s harmony with the Steps.

February, 1990:
Presented “Benjamin’s Promises” at the Sidney B. Sperry Book of Mormon Symposium at BYU, Provo. This document later became part of the appendix of He Did Deliver Me from Bondage.

Fall, 1990:
Developed and presented a series of workshops to a gathering of Church members in Springville, UT, who were interested in understanding the correlation between the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Book of Mormon. I entitled the series, “He Did Deliver Me from Bondage.”

March, 1991:
In response to requests of the Springville group for written materials, I created essential points for each discussion. These documents became the first drafts of He Did Deliver Me from Bondage and were distributed as a loose-leaf manuscript, reproduced at a local copy shop.

March, 1991:
Met with several publishers who were interested in publishing the manuscript, but wanted permission to edit it as they saw fit. I felt very powerfully that I should self-publish, even though I had no funds to do so.

March, 1991:
Windhaven Publishing and Productions was created and He Did Deliver Me from Bondage was published as shrink-wrapped, 3-hole punched, 8.5×11” pages.

April, 1991:
Sent the first copy of He Did Deliver Me from Bondage manuscript overseas to Australia.

Established Heart t’ Heart as an LDS Twelve Step addiction recovery organization. With permission, Heart t’ Heart adapted the original Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions from Alcoholics Anony­mous. These steps and traditions, along with other Heart t’ Heart materials, were added to He He Did Deliver Me from Bondage.

Funds were provided to officially print He Did Deliver Me from Bondage as a softbound 8.5×11” book with a dark blue cover. Sales were entirely by word of mouth.

September, 1994:
He Did Deliver Me from Bondage was displayed at the LDS Book Sellers Association Convention and offered for distribution to LDS bookstores.

August, 1995:
Delivered an address at the semi-annual conference of the Association of Mormon Counselors and Psychotherapists. Introduced He Did Deliver Me from Bondage and the Heart t’ Heart Twelve Step program.

Fall, 1995:
LDS Social Services requested permission to use He Did Deliver Me from Bondage as an official study guide in their addiction recovery pilot program.

A special 3-hole punch edition of He Did Deliver Me from Bondage with a tan cover was created for LDS Family Services, which they printed and distributed as needed.

A slightly revised edition of He Did Deliver Me from Bondage was published, with a simple rose cover.

He Did Deliver Me from Bondage was reprinted with its current sepia-toned cover featuring a drawing of the Cristus. It was 8.5×11 “workbook” size.

Released the Revised Edition of He Did Deliver Me from Bondage as a 5.5×8.5” size, containing additional recovery helps in the appendix and a full index. The 8.5×11” size was discontinued.

LDS Family Services stopped printing their own version of He Did Deliver Me from Bondage and began to purchase the published book directly from Windhaven.

April, 2003:
Served as principle author in association with a writing committee formed by LDS Family Services to create an addiction recovery study guide to be offered by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The study guide was completed in October, 2004.

Clean Hands, Pure Heart by Philip A. Harrison was published, using the principles found in He Did Deliver Me from Bondage as a way of dealing with recovery from pornography.

August, 2005:
The LDS Family Services Addiction Recovery Program held its 4th annual conference and announced the retirement of He Did Deliver Me from Bondage, after 10 years of service as the program’s main study guide. The new 12 Step study guide entitled, A Guide to Addiction Recovery and Healing, was introduced at this conference.

From Heartache to Healing by Colleen C. and Philip A. Harrison was published as a resource for spouses of sex addicts.

Windhaven Publishing changed its name to Hearthaven Publishing and released the 20th Anniversary Edition of He Did Deliver Me from Bondage. This new version was 7.5×9.25″ with wide outer margins for notes.

This book continues to be a foundational text in the LDS Twelve Step movement. It acts as a support and supplement to the Family Services study guide and as an explanation of the powerful correlation of the Twelve Steps with the Book of Mormon and the restored gospel.

As of spring 2012, over 160,000 copies of He Did Deliver Me from Bondage have been sold around the world.

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