There are only two ingredients in the recipe of recovery—conscious contact with God and honesty.

Conscious Contact.

To make conscious contact with God, you must first believe it is possible. If you’re not sure you believe you can do it, that’s okay. Start where you are and pray for the Lord’s help.

Believe that your prayers can be a two-way conversation between you and the Lord.  Start praying as if they are. Tell Him the truth about what you’re doing, thinking, feeling, wanting, fearing, hating. Tell Him everything, just as you would tell a trusted friend.

Then listen. Listen with your feelings and with your thoughts. Wait for impressions to come. These impressions might come in the form of a picture or image that pops into your mind as you ponder, as a word or phrase that runs through your thoughts, or as a feeling that enters your heart. Recognize those impressions for what they are: the Spirit of Truth, of God, answering your prayer, conversing with you, Spirit to spirit.


You must be honest. Not just in your prayers but in every aspect of your life. It is dishonesty that drives us to our addiction. Stop lying. Stop pretending. Stop every form of fibbing or faking.

If something hurts, say so. If the truth is you’d rather do A, than B, then do A. Prayerfully seek the Lord’s counsel about how and where you are being deceiving or deceived, both by yourself or others. Then gently, but as quickly as possible, back out of all relationships that are based on pretense or fakery.

These two ingredients, mixed well on a daily basis, are the recipe for true recovery.

~Colleen H.

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