When you’re doing abstinence from the inside out, you are hardly even aware of doing it.

Why? Because you’re not actually doing anything!

Instead, it’s more like you find yourself doing it! Automatically. Easily.

There is no white-knuckling, hanging on by your toenails sensation. You find yourself just walking away, because even though a part of you desires to participate in your addiction, the majority of you is simply not interested.

You are aware of the temptation, but you are not compelled by it.

Often, when someone asks how you pass up that dessert, or say no to drugs, or whatever your past addiction is (was), they are wanting to know what you did to develop such amazing will power. They want to know how you planned it, reasoned it through, motivated yourself, decided upon it.

In reality, what has happened is that the Lord has done it for you and to you. When you give your heart and mind to Him, He acts upon you and gifts you with a mighty change of heart, a mighty change of inclination.

That is how abstinence from the inside out works. It is completely and entirely a gift from God.

~Colleen H.

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