When a person says they’re having a hard time connecting with God, I immediately know there is some truth in their life that they’re not ready to acknowledge.  There is something they’re shying away from, something they don’t want to process or embrace.

When we connect with God, He exposes the truth. He lights up the dark and hidden secrets. When we’re backing away from God, we’re really backing away from His truth about some part of our lives.

It is the truths that we resist that keep us from connecting with God. He is ready to receive us whole-heartedly as soon as we are ready to allow Him to reveal the truth to us—the truth that we don’t want to see or admit.

When we come to realize that we’re backing away from the truth, from the Lord, we need to be gentle with ourselves. Some truths are difficult to face, and our merciful Father and our Savior both know that. Keep coming back to the Lord, keep asking for His grace and mercy. When we are ready, the Lord will help us acknowledge and process the truth we’re avoiding.

The truth is the truth; it will be waiting for us whenever we are ready for it.

And then, we will begin to be delivered from our bondage (addictions and the lies that fuel them).

~Colleen H.

©2012 Hearthaven Publishing. All rights reserved

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