This evening, as I went to bed, I felt reluctant to kneel, and I expressed that reluctance to the Lord, rather than hiding it (and myself) from Him. I immediately felt His reassurance that He still loves me and is willing to receive my prayers, no matter what posture I take. As that witness filled my mind, my heart was broken wide open in love for Him, in awe of His goodness and His longsuffering, His patience and His infinite capacity and willingness to love and show mercy. Spontaneously, I got down on my knees, with no feeling of obligation or duty, but only of adoration.

The words of 1 John 4:19 come to my mind: We love him, because he first loved us.

God does not wait for us to love Him first. His heart is drawn out in love for us whether or not we return it to Him. It is pride that wants to be loved first, that waits to see if love is offered before showing love to others. God is devoid of pride. God is filled with pure love for me, and does not wait for me to prove anything to Him to earn His favor. It is His nature to love me, no matter what.

I am reminded of the Christmas story of the simple‑minded young man who was cast in the part of the inn‑keeper for a school play. Everyone thought it was the perfect part for him. All he had to do was crack the door open and say one short and simple sentence: “Go away! There’s no room here.” He practiced those six words over and over.

But when the moment in the play arrived, and the weary figures of Joseph and Mary, knocked at the door… Well you know the rest of the story. The simple boy threw open the door and with tears, cried out, “Come in! Come in! You can have my bed.”

That, says the Spirit of Truth, the witness of God, to my soul, That is the way God loves you!

Think about it. Did He not do an act of equivalent simpleness? He has thrown open the door to each and all of us, and said, “Come in! Come in! You can have my life! My name! My reputation! Never mind your weakness, I will clothe you in my strength. Never mind your sins, I will wash them away in my righteousness. Never mind Satan’s lies and the darkness they have caused you to live in, to participate in. I will fill you with my light.”

Behold the condescension of God, or in other words, the infinite humility of God!

I am humbled by His humility. I am made simple by His simplicity. I am taught to love by His love for me. My knees must bend and I am left in tears to pray, “O Lord, my God! How great Thou art!”

~Colleen H.

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