Have ye walked, keeping yourselves blameless before God? (Alma 5:27)

Keeping myself blameless before God? How in the world can I do that?

There are so many ways to sin—in thoughts, words, deeds (Mosiah 4:29-30). How can I possibly watch myself so closely that I can remain blameless?

I can’t. It’s an impossible task for any mere mortal.

All I can do is be willing. Willing to look to the Savior as continually as I can, knowing that I won’t do it perfectly.  Willing to give my mind and heart over to the Holy Ghost, who will in turn make my mind and heart one with Christ, and thus also one with the Father. Willing to trust that my best efforts are enough.

I can’t keep myself blameless before God. Only Christ through His atonement can make me truly blameless before God. All I can contribute to the process is to continually repent, to continually seek the grace and power of Jesus Christ and His atonement.

To walk blameless before God, I must accept Christ’s sacrifice for my sins, and the sins of others, and let go of the blame.

~Colleen H.

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