You’re in the right program if you’re blessed by mottos. Alcoholics Anonymous has dozens of them.

They’re quick and to the point. That’s why we like them.

AA’s often joke that it has to be short or their sodden old brains wouldn’t be able to remember them.

I’ve got news for them. Tired, old brains need short, poignant thoughts too. *wink*

Here are a few old favorites:

Easy does it.

Keep it simple.

One day at a time.

We’re the one’s who tend to complicate things and/or try to run faster than we’re able. We forget the “Power of the Little Bit.”


Keep coming back, . . . it works!

When I first heard this one, I thought “it” was referring to the program and that’s an appropriate interpretation. Then, one day, the thought went  through my mind, “Keep coming back, Colleen, . . . coming back works.”

In other words, don’t be impatient, don’t give up, let it take the time it takes to work for you.


Let go and let God.

 Some LDS people frown at this one, thinking it means, “Let go and ignore the problem.” I’ve come to realize that, for me, it means “Let go of the pilot’s seat, Colleen. Trade seats with God. Let Him be the pilot, instead of the co-pilot.”

It means, as President Benson put it, (paraphrasing), “If we will put God first, everything else will fall into its proper place.”


Wait five minutes for the miracle.

This is similar to to, “Pause and pray.” Many a terrible craving to act out has been turned aside by waiting five minutes—especially if I spend that five minutes in prayer.

What are some of your favorite recovery mottos or slogans? What do they mean to you?

~Colleen H.

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