We all have things we know we should be doing to bring more joy or health to our lives. Something we feel the Spirit nudging us to do.

For me, one of these things is physical exercise.

I know I should do it. I feel better about myself when I do it. But…

It is a huge exercise in humility to be willing to start when I am so pitifully and humiliatingly out of shape. It’s embarrassing to only be able to do a few minutes of exercise at a time.

There are days when my exercise consists of walking to the mailbox and back, and I’m tempted to wonder if it is even worth the effort.

But then I remember the power of the little bit—the idea that any progress is still progress.

It’s like rain at the beginning of summer storm. It starts with one drop. Then another. There are often long pauses between drops. But slowly, gradually, the frequency of drops increases, until there are no pauses. Until there is no stopping the downpour.

So it is with a change of seasons. The days ebb and flow.

So it is with a change of heart

The adversary would have us become impatient with our tiny efforts. He would steer us toward perfectionism, an all-or-nothing attitude. He would tell us that if we can’t do it right, or we can’t do it all, we should hate ourselves and abandon hope.

But God does not tell us this. God believes in the power of the little bit.

I must trust the power of the ebb and flow of life. I must have patience with those first few hesitant drops of determination. I must accept imperfection.

And in doing so, I have hope of salvation.

~Colleen H.

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  1. Alicia

    SUCH a great reminder! I keep finding myself stuck in certain steps because I want to try and do them perfectly (Step 4!)… and instead I find myself not doing them at all because trying to do them perfectly is too hard and overwhelming. I love love love the rain metaphor. Thanks for sharing -this post was timely for me.


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