Are you a spontaneous free spirit, who finds God in the moment? Or are you a list maker, who finds recovery in routine and discipline?

I am the kind of person that tends far more toward spontaneity and impulse than to routine or discipline. And I tend to think that the Spirit of God is in that spontaneity. It always astonishes me when people say they find the Spirit of God in routine and discipline.

But this morning, as I was conversing with the Spirit, I saw that the Lord is God.  He is omnipotent and omniscient. That means that He can be in routine and discipline just as much as He is in spontaneity and impulse.

He is in the planned as well as the unplanned moments.

I can be spontaneous, but I must never think that being spontaneous is the answer or the source of whatever good comes of it. I can practice discipline and have a routine, just as well—but I must never think that practicing a discipline or having a routine is what is bringing me the success and accomplishment that is coming through it.

God is the source of all success.

When we let the spontaneous life or the disciplined life become our answer—the answer that we give others when they want to know what is working for us—we have yet again forgotten that God is in and through all things.

I can have routine, but the routine is not God.

I can be spontaneous, impulsive, intuitive, but none of those are the source.

God is.

~Colleen H.

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