God wants to gift you with a degree of love that only He can give. He will not rest until He has found you, no matter how lost a lamb you think you are (or try to be.)

No matter what, He is going to gift you with love and patience and long-suffering and kindness—over and over and over again—until you can no longer believe the lies of the devil, who seeks to hold you captive in the lie that God is mean and cruel and unloving.

God is going to keep following after you, no matter how far or how long you flee from Him, until He has finally outlasted your fear of Him.

He does not care how confused and bitter and unbelieving you are. He’s going to keep a blaze of belief and faith burning in His own heart, just for your sake.

When you have finally experienced enough of this life to know that living without God never brings heart deep peace and joy, He’ll be right there beside you to take you in His arms, lift you onto His shoulders and bear you home in triumph.

Whose triumph? His.

Those who will return Home triumphant will only do so by being carried in the arms of the Triumphant One—the only one able to triumph over both life and death, over our delusions of goodness and our nightmares of evil.

~Colleen H.

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