Addictions. We resort to them for comfort, but the comfort the addiction brings is actually numbness.

Addictions fog the mind, weaken your ability to cope, sap your energy. They give the comfort of forgetting and hiding. Addictions tell you, “You poor thing. There, there. No need to face or confront your pain and sorrow, just forget it for awhile.”

True comfort—comfort from God—brings you health and healing. It gives you clarity and the strength and energy to carry on. True comfort tells you, “This is hard, but in oneness with Me you can do hard things. You are adequate to the trial.”

Addiction keeps you a baby. True comfort walks with you along the path to greater maturity.

True comfort is only found through the Savior. He comforts us, but he doesn’t baby us. He counsels us and guides us. He walks with us through our trials. True comfort is what Christ offers us when He says, “I will not leave you comfortless.” (John 14:18)

~Colleen H.

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