Nothing will suffice or satisfy the longing that always simmers at the core of our souls like having a personal experience of God’s reality. Nothing.  Not family.  Not church service.  Not anything.

What is that longing and yearning that we seek to numb with the use of our addictions? It is a hard-wired desire for an intimate, personal relationship with God. Only God’s continuing presence and attention, His perfect love, is strong enough to overcome that soul-deep yearning.

No matter what we think we’re seeking, the answer is always and only God. Whether we are seeking in the pig-sties of the world or in our Father’s well-kept fields, nothing will bring us the beloved and peaceful feeling of being close to our Father, except turning to His Son, Jesus Christ, and allowing Him to become the Father of our Spiritual rebirth. (See Mosiah 5.)

Like the prodigal son, we must “come to ourselves” and realize that we are nothing and we can never do enough to feel good and fulfilled and whole without Him. When we return to Him in sincere prayer, humbly and personally, He will bring us into consciousness of His all-encompassing, all-merciful love for us.

And then we shall have peace.

~Colleen H.

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