In 1 Nephi 20:1-8, Nephi quotes from Isaiah 48.

This is a long one so I’m not going to repost it here. You’re going to have to look this one up in your own set of scriptures or click the link to read it online. Go ahead. I’ll wait…

Done? Okay.

The Lord tells Israel that although they have made covenants with Him, they do not rely on Him as they should. Although He’s led them from the beginning, given them signs, they do not rely on Him because they are proud and stubborn. They attribute His power, the works of His hands, to other sources, to idols.

Oh, I get it. They are just like we are today.

They are like that I am.

When good things happen, I’m too eager to take the credit myself, or I chock things up to luck, coincidence, fate.

In reality, every single good thing in my life comes because the Lord created it, orchestrated it, gifted me with it.


He gives me the power to breathe, to move, to think, to feel joy, to learn from my mistakes, to grow, to become more like Him.

I think I finally understand the concept of being nothing without God, less than the dust of the earth.


~Karlene B.

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