The only thing I can do perfectly is admit that I don’t do anything perfect.

It has taken years for me to realize that the most recovered thing I can do in all the world is be imperfect “out loud,” in front of others.

I have to look the lie of shame right in the face and walk past it.

Kind of like John Nash in the movie, A Beautiful Mind. He had to learn to ignore the lies his mind whispered to him, represented by his roommate, the little girl, and the CIA agent. They didn’t represent the truth, but a falsity.

And so, I’m back. And I’ll keep coming back. And this much I can promise:  Perfect Imperfection!

I promise that every time I lose my balance, I’ll reach out to steady myself.

Every time I fall off the wagon, I’ll get back on.

Every time I land flat on my face, I’ll get back up.

With the Lord’s help, I will be perfectly imperfect.

~Colleen H.

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