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The Savior’s Perfect Patience with Our Infirmities/Imperfections

The testimony of the restored gospel reminds me of my original relationship with God—both with my Father and with my Savior. It tries to tell me that, even though I am temporarily a mortal and am tempted by my enemy (the liar, Satan) to be harrowed up by the memory of my many sins (imperfect ways), God still loves me beyond comprehension. God still feels this way toward me: “Father, forgive them for they (being veiled and under the influence of the liar) know not what they do ” (Luke 23:34).

The restored gospel testifies to me that I can glory in Christ’s robes of righteousness (2 Nephi 4:33), and that He will wrap me round in them and cleanse me in His blood, His pure love, spilled out for me in Gethsemane, on Calvary and even to this day in His unwavering effort to encircle me about in the arms of His love (D&C 6:20).

Absorbing the Lord’s humble patience with my imperfection gives me the ability to suffer a temptation, maybe even a slip, forgive it, and go on. Thus, I am able to accumulate days and days of consistent, though imperfect, abstinence from my addiction, and my release from its bondage continues until the day comes when I realize that in patience, even as the scripture promises, possession of my soul has been restored to me (D&C 101:38). I have been rescued by the Savior’s patience and long-suffering from not only my addictive behavior, but from the damning grip of perfectionism.

Tomorrow, read Part 4: The Savior’s Central Role in Recovery from Addiction

~Colleen H.

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