For years, the physical exercise experts insisted that a person needed to do at least 30 minutes of exercise to stay fit. 40 minutes was better. An hour was fantastic! I could never figure out how to carve out a 30-minute block of time from my busy schedule, much less 60! Then, one day there was an update on the expert opinions about daily exercise: A person’s exercise could be broken up into small blocks (say, 10 minutes at a time) and scattered throughout the day—and that had the same good effect as if they were done all at once!

Wow! I was excited. Three or four 10-minute blocks scattered throughout my day? I could do that!

And so it is with studying the scriptures, counseling with the Lord, and spending time with Him.

I used to be so rigid, so all-or-nothing. I thought that if I didn’t study for at least an hour, then my piddly efforts for 10 or 15 minutes were unworthy. Obviously, this was the ever so subtle lie that Satan wanted me to believe—just one more example of perfectionistic, all-or-nothing thinking that is one of his greatest lies.

In contrast, I have learned by my own experience that my loving Heavenly Father and my merciful Savior are thrilled with any and every chance I take to expose my mind to the scriptures. I’ve learned that the Lord is so very, very flexible and willing to receive our sincere desire to reach out for Him. Even if we must do it in a half-dozen 10-minute breaks during the day.

God looks upon my heart, or in other words, He sees my sincere intentions. Even one verse of scripture and a few hastily scribbled notes in a notepad—hard copy or electronic—can be sufficient offering to connect my spirit to His and allow Him to whisper His peace and strength into my soul.

We can’t let the Liar drag us down into his negative attitude toward God. God is kind and gracious beyond our mortal ability to comprehend. Remember, He said, “I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass” (Alma 37:6).

~Colleen H.

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