The Lord blesses us in so many different ways.

Many of us are most interested in the physical blessings: good health, financial security (or abundance), a family, mortal relationships. It’s part of the human condition to long for these things.

We are no different than the people in Christ’s own day. They wanted Him to heal them (and their whole nation) physically. They wanted Him to heal their bodily ailments and prosper their nation by leading them in battle to defeat the Romans. While He did not lead His people to battle, He did do much physical healing. The New Testament and even the Book of Mormon are replete with examples of Christ’s physical healing power in behalf of those who exercised sufficient faith in Him.

But for Christ, this physical healing was secondary. His primary goal was to call the attention of His people to the spiritual healing that He offered.

He knew that if they would believe and receive Him—and the whole spiritual reality He represented—into their own hearts and minds, they would recover from the effects of the fall. In other words, with the spiritual healing He offered, all emotional and physical ailments would either be eliminated or understood, and therefore accepted.

Why did He do this? Why so much focus on the spiritual? Because to Christ, all things are spiritual. (See D&C 29:34.)

Jesus wanted to bless His people then, and is trying to bless us now, by giving us new thoughts and feelings to replace our old ones. He wants us to focus on and believe in the spiritual life as being the most important reality of all.

Can you think of a time when the spiritual healing was by far the greater blessing than any physical healing you may have received? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section.


~Colleen H.

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