God is Not a Means to an End

I used to treat God as a means to an end. When I turned to Him, I always had some agenda, a goal or purpose for seeking Him. I had a reason for doing good, being good. If I did what God wanted me to do, then He’d (hopefully) do what I wanted Him to do. If I was...

Abstinence Is Not Recovery

Abstinence is not always recovery. What?!? Many people want to believe that abstinence is the end-all of a Twelve Step program. While it’s extremely important, abstinence is the result, not the goal. Recovery is not born of abstinence. Abstinence grows from recovery....
I Must Strip Myself of Pride to Follow the Strait and Narrow Way

Nothing Without God

In 1 Nephi 20:1-8, Nephi quotes from Isaiah 48. This is a long one so I’m not going to repost it here. You’re going to have to look this one up in your own set of scriptures or click the link to read it online. Go ahead. I’ll wait… Done? Okay. The Lord tells...
I Must Strip Myself of Pride to Follow the Strait and Narrow Way

Just the Way I Am

The Lord will not reject us or condemn us because of our mortal weaknesses.  But we will not know this about Him until we come to Him just as we are.  (See Ether 12:27.) This is the miracle that happens when we take Steps Six and Seven. The barrier that lies between...
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