This morning, I had been laying in bed awake since 2:10 a.m.  After about 30 minutes I decided to accept the reality of sleeplessness as a gift—a chance to experience some deep solitude.

As I pondered on this, the voice of the Lord came into my mind and I perceived these words:

Thank you, Colleen, for “seeing” your situation that way.  Thank you for interpreting it that way, for choosing to believe in good and in God in all things.  Thank you for opening your heart and mind to that interpretation of reality.

It is a choice to believe that there is good in all things.

I felt the impression that it would be fun and joyful to do 10 to 15 minutes of one thing and then another 10 to 15 minutes of something else, experimenting upon His promise that I could find Him in all ways—not just in the way of studying and writing.

So, I did that. I wrote for a while and then I stood up and did ten minutes of exercise. I did two ten minute exercise sessions, in between a couple of hours of delightful capturing from the Book of Mormon.

At 5:00 a.m., I was finally sleepy—delightfully sleepy.  I felt filled and encircled all at the same time.  I went back to bed and finished my night’s sleep.

I know if I told anyone that I enjoyed missing almost 2 ½ hours of sleep, they’d think I was crazy.  I guess that’s their business, to think I’m crazy.  As for me, I am nothing but grateful to have felt God’s loving gratitude. How grateful for the opportunity I had to  practice this true principle of trusting God in all things and to have received the gift of those quiet, peaceful, hours, this morning.


~Colleen H.

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