There is a Power for good that fills the Universe (D&C 88:7-13), and through faith in Jesus Christ, you can access it and apply it for good in your own life.

If you will accept the easiness of this way (Alma 37:46) and follow the steps described and upheld by years of testimony (in the Twelve Steps), you will find yourself engaged in the greatest experiment and adventure of your life—learning to know and trust the revelations of Christ to your own soul.

Your mind has a direct link to this Power—Divine guidance and empowerment through the Light and grace of Jesus Christ—through that built-in connection with His spiritual influence we often call our conscience. Christ desires to be your source of enlightenment when you are confused or ignorant; your source of strength when you are weak; your source of light when you are overwhelmed by darkness.

It is your truest, deepest nature to long for this connection with Him and to follow Christ. You followed Him into mortality (1 Nephi 8:5-7). Cry out now, as Lehi did (1 Nephi 8:8). No matter how long you’ve been wandering in darkness, He will bless you with His perspective—His faith, hope, peace, counsel, and comfort.

It is this righteous desire of your eternal heart that the Liar has perverted and diverted into your addiction. How strange it is to think that our addictions are fueled by our misdirected love and longing for God. To redirect that desire back to where it belongs, you must look to Christ as the personification of the answer to your every prayer, the fulfillment of your every need.

Look to Christ before you look to your spouse, your friends, your professional counselors. Put His counsel ahead of the counsel of any other living soul. Only He has the words of Eternal Life (John 6:68). His words are as one with the Father’s own mind and will and words. Know that your Father in Heaven is answering your prayers, through His Son Jesus Christ.

Faith in Jesus Christ (not just faith in general, not just faith in anyone or anything besides Him) opens your direct access to His Light and His grace.

We can draw on this Power—the Grace of Christ—with complete certainty. When we follow His counsel, accept His comfort, seek His word and His grace to obey—then all gifts from the Father through Him, including the Holy Ghost (John 14:26; John 15:26), will be yours as is expedient in His will (D&C 18:18).

Why shouldn’t you have an unlimited faith in Jesus Christ? He knows your spiritual self intimately—better than you know yourself right now. In this fallen state of mortality, handicapped by the veil, He is the one who knows your true heart, your true path.

I pray we all come to realize how much we need Him and His guidance and grace every hour of our lives. There truly is no other name, way or means of salvation (Mosiah 3:17; Alma 34:15).

~Colleen H.

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