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[This post is excerpted from Chapter 3 of From Heartache to Healing: Finding Power in Christ to Deal with a Loved One’s Sexual Addiction by Colleen C. & Philip A. Harrison.]


Some of the Lies Satan Uses against Women

Satan’s desire is to make you miserable, to discourage and dishearten you, to bring you down in every way possible.  So what are the lies he uses against you?  Here is a partial list of lies I’ve either believed myself or heard other women express about themselves.  See how many of them you recognize in your own thoughts:

  • You’re not pretty enough.
  • You’re fat.
  • You’re old.
  • You’re plain.
  • You’re flat.
  • You’re too much.
  • You’re not enough.
  • You’re the problem.
  • You don’t do enough.
  • You don’t do the right things for him in bed.
  • You don’t care enough.
  • You don’t keep yourself dolled up enough.
  • You’ve gained weight.
  • You’re too skinny.
  • You’re the wrong size, shape, color.
  • You’re boring.
  • You caused it, you know.
  • You weren’t enough to get him to stop using pornography when he married you.
  • You could cure this if you’d just change.
  • You can control this if you just scream at him enough.
  • You can control this if you just stay up late enough and get up early enough.
  • You can control this if you just keep track of him closely enough.

This wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for you. He’d be a faithful husband if you just hadn’t:

  • Let yourself go.
  • Gained weight.
  • Yelled at him so much.
  • Needed him so much.

The lies could go on and on and on and on and on.  There’s no end to them.  And as soon as you try to respond to one (by believing and obeying it), a hundred more spring up.  You go on fighting, swinging, flailing, slashing, trying, and trying to conquer the lies by fighting them.  You snap at the kids. You can’t open the drapes. You begin lying to everyone you meet—pretending you’re fine—when inside your soul you’re dying from the spiritual infection caused by these lies.

You don’t have to believe these lies. There is hope.

[Continued tomorrow]

~Colleen H.

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