I once heard the question asked, “Are you coming to God because you love Him, or because you want to use Him?”

That was a rude question. And at first I was offended.

But then I gave it some reflection. I pondered on it and wrote about it in the context my own reality, my own life.

How often do I go to God simply because I want to hang out with Him?

By contrast, how often do I go running and whining when I need something from Him?

I sometimes catch myself thinking in terms of, “Okay, Lord. What do you want me to do? I’ll just stand over here on the other side of the room (figuratively speaking, of course) and from WAY over there, You can tell me Your will for me and I’ll go carry it out.”

And the whole time, what God (both Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ) want is for me to come to them.

“Come here, child. Come here, little one. Come here, beloved sister. Let us encircle you in our arms of love. Come closer. It isn’t just your obedience we desire, it is your love. We want to have a close, intimate, walking, talking, sharing heart-to-heart relationship with you.”


Obedience from a distance vs loving communion, up close and personal.

I’m the one who decides what my spiritual life with God will be like.

~Colleen H.

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