A fellow addict once mentioned how much he wished he could have, personally, what he hears in my posts. That troubled me for a bit. I am uncomfortable with the idea that I am someone special; that others cannot have the thoughts or the insights that I share in He Did Deliver Me from Bondage.

This morning as I was studying, I came upon this verse:

“Could ye not watch with me one hour?” (Matthew 26:40)

That is how in He Did Deliver Me from Bondage was written. It’s how these posts were written. It’s how any talk or workshop or advice I’ve ever given were written.

By watching with Christ for one hour.

Or one half hour.

Or even one quarter hour.

And it’s what I’ve tried to share with anyone who finds He Did Deliver Me from Bondage. By taking the time each morning to read, ponder and capture from the scriptures, we are, in essence, watching with Christ.

This is a very practical and powerful way of hearing of the Lord’s word.

There’s a saying in the AA program about sponsoring: “If you want what we have, then do what we did.”

In the circles of recovery, I hear so many who cry for lack of bread—or of love, understanding, fellowship, affection, esteem.

And yet they are too busy to spend one hour a day with the Lord.

Will ye not watch with me one hour?

I plead again with all who would hear my very imperfect voice:

—Don’t leave your bedroom (or study, or wherever your private place may be) without having read at least one verse of scripture or one quote from a prophet of God.

(Two verses or quotes are twice as good!)

—Write them out in your own hand, even if you don’t have the time to write a reaction to them.

(But it’s 10 times better if you do write your own thoughts in conversation with the prophet, or with the Lord who inspired the prophet!)

This is the bread of life that will fill our hearts!

It will bring peace to a troubled world and a troubled personal life. Even if we are still slipping up, He will come to us through His Word written by others, written by us.

If you want what the prophet’s have, what Nephi and Alma and Moroni have, make the commitment to “watch with me one hour.”

~Colleen H.

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