As we humble ourselves and rely more and more on the Spirit to guide us, we begin to awaken to the truth that we are actually having a close relationship with all three delightful members of the Godhead. Through the mediation of the Holy Spirit, we begin to perceive and believe that we are communing directly with our Father in Heaven and also with His Son, Jesus Christ. Gradually, as this new life of direct revelation from God grows more certain in our hearts, we begin to realize that we are experiencing oneness of heart and mind with God. We become a living miracle.

You become a living a miracle.

Even so, we will continue to have people tell us that we’re crazy, just imagining it. And if the people in our lives don’t tell us, the adversary will try to convince us of it in some other way.

Be patient and strong. Ignore this discouragement. Remember that there was a time, not so long ago, that you also thought that being self-reliant and self-sufficient was the goal of this life. You spent your efforts proving that you could be strong. You put off turning to God as long as possible.

Remember that patience, humility and compassion in the face of imperfection is the way God responded to you in your own childish pride. When faced with opposition, this is the higher way—God’s way.

~Colleen H.

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