Letting Our Trials Refine Us

I’ve been feeling a little put upon lately. Well, to be honest, for the past several years. And it’s been ticking me off so much that I’ve gained 40 pounds. And that ticks me off too. And in the midst of my ticked-offedness this morning, I read this verse of...

Power to Do What Is Given

Living by the Twelve Steps is essentially agreeing to give up our power—or rather, our powerlessness—in exchange for God’s power. It is becoming willing to do only what God gives me the power to do. But when I offer up my will to God, relying on His power, does this...

The Direction of Perfection

Could it be that in order to move in the direction of ultimate perfection—toward God, Godliness, Godhood—I must accept myself as being right where I need to be at this moment? In other words, before I can move forward, I need to accept myself just as I am. I need to...
We Are All Special Needs Children

We Are All Special Needs Children

While in mortality, we are all special needs children. We are babies. We all have our unique set of quirks and flaws and disabilities. We are the equivalent of children who are temporarily handicapped, blinded as we are by the veil—blinded and muffled—wrapped in...
We Are All Special Needs Children

The Pain or the Purpose

We have to accept that life is a battle between two forces—the Truth and the Lie; Christ and the Liar. That’s just the way it is. The tug and pull, the on-again-off-again phenomenon is inevitable. We must also accept that we have no ability to determine the ratio of...
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