Time trips me up. I’m constantly tempted to fear that my change of heart is taking too much time. That I’m not healing fast enough. That I’ll get to the end of my life and I won’t have progressed enough along the path of salvation.

But then I remember that time-related words are for the sake of us on earth, only.  Time-related terms do not work when translating impressions of the Spirit into English, or any other mortal language.

It is so plain to me when I am in the Spirit of Revelation that there is no measurement in eternity based on time.  Time passes there but to no consequence.  Time affects nothing there.  There is no limitation or effect on the process of eternal progress there, in eternal life.

The truth is, we are only in a mortal or finite state temporarily and the effects of time are an illusion.  In the eternities, no one thinks in terms of how long, or how quickly or slowly, you get something done.  There is absolutely no positive or negative connotation or interpretation of time passing.  Time is absolutely not a factor there.

All that matters is the depth and degree of comprehension, growth and change, a whole-hearted learning, and the loving and embracing of true principles. In other words, maturity, or the progressing towards one’s full measure of creation.  Those are the only measurements that mark change in eternity.

~Colleen H.

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