Imagine, if you will, that every moment of your life is comprised of stepping stones creating a path across a vast lake. The moment you are in right now is the stone you are standing on. From this stone (this moment), you can see that there are a number of other stones within reach of your stride, but all are just under the water.

And the water is just a little murky.

Which one will you choose?

You carefully consider each option and then you pick. As soon as you step onto a new stone, all the other stones disappear. They fade from view—even from existence.

And now, in this next moment of the choice you’ve just made, your new reality is set. From this new spot—this new now—other stones come into view just under the surface of the water. You are faced with the next option. The next choice.

And the water is still a little murky.

Which one to pick?

The choice again is yours. But as soon as you choose and step on the stone of your choice, all the other possibilities are cancelled. They no longer have the potential of existing.

On it goes.

God, however, sees all things, all potentialities from the beginning. No matter which choice you make, He has that potentiality covered. No matter where you step, which path you take across the lake, He has the ability to weave it into His purposes.

~Colleen H.

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