I bear my testimony to you that what we were sent away from our home and the direct association and protection of our Heavenly Parents not to learn that we could stand on our own two feet, but actually, to learn the exact opposite. We came here to be humbled, to be taught that without God we are and always will be powerless, something which even Moses confessed having “never before supposed” (Moses 1:10). I believe that all of us came here with that same inexperienced lack of perspective.

Remember, we did not come from our premortal life humbled by tough experiences, needing to be taught self-esteem. If anything, we came from there “full of ourselves,” fresh from growing up as cherished and perfectly cared-for children with a recent victory over temptation (to rebel against God’s way and follow Satan) to our credit. Thus, we had not yet experienced for ourselves any consequences of evil. We still had never experienced any taste but sweet, any feeling but triumph.

And so a place was prepared; evil was tolerated and intentionally included as the stage was set for us to experience what we could never experience back home: the very necessary understanding and hopefully temporary results of our own poor choices. This mortal experience was designed for the express purpose of taking some of the wind out of our sails.

~Colleen H.

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