Could it be that in order to move in the direction of ultimate perfection—toward God, Godliness, Godhood—I must accept myself as being right where I need to be at this moment?

In other words, before I can move forward, I need to accept myself just as I am. I need to let go of the negative energy of blaming and shaming, of judgment and abhorrence for this poor person that I am, right this minute?

It’s like making a quantum leap in one’s own mind. I must move away from thinking, “This is not the way I’m supposed to be” (overweight, ill, crippled, financially strapped), to thinking “I’m just who and where I need to be to learn what brings happiness and what doesn’t.”

I must move away from the attitude of, “NO! NO! This is not the way it’s supposed to be!” to a genuine belief that life is just what it needs to be so that I—and everyone else—can learn what I/we need to learn to return to God.

Love and acceptance are part of becoming like God. Everything and everyone is right where they need to be.

~Colleen H.

©2013 Hearthaven Publishing. All rights reserved.

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