We have to accept that life is a battle between two forces—the Truth and the Lie; Christ and the Liar. That’s just the way it is. The tug and pull, the on-again-off-again phenomenon is inevitable.

We must also accept that we have no ability to determine the ratio of easy days to not-so-easy days. We cannot demand serenity to come back. In fact the more we get into the attitude of being frustrated and wanting to demand its return, the further it flees from us. We have to relax—even in the face of the battle—and allow it to flow back into us.

This life is going to be just what it’s going to be—a challenge. The way you choose to react to the challenge determines whether life is harder than it needs to be or as easy as it can possibly can be.

Living through mortality is very like being a woman in labor, going through childbirth.

The challenging moments are going to happen.

You wouldn’t want it not to happen.

You decide whether you will take it easy or fight against it. In other words, you must decide whether to focus on the bad or the good, the positive or the negative, the ugly or the beautiful, the thorns or the roses, THE PAIN OR THE PURPOSE.

It’s also like childbirth and labor in that sense, too—you (and only you) can focus on the pain or on the supernal purpose of your situation.

Another way getting through mortality is like getting through childbirth is that you get to decide whether you’re going get down to it and stop worrying about how messy it has to be, or are you going to try to control it and keep your process all neat and orderly.

You must forget the “protocol” as well as the pain. You must become totally caught up in the purpose.

If you want it to go as easy as possible, you need to relax on as many points and in as many ways as possible. You need to let God take you where He will, when He will.

Someday, we must all say, “Father, into Thy hands I commend my spirit.”

Close your eyes, lay back, and freefall.

~Colleen H.

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