While in mortality, we are all special needs children.

We are babies. We all have our unique set of quirks and flaws and disabilities.

We are the equivalent of children who are temporarily handicapped, blinded as we are by the veil—blinded and muffled—wrapped in mortal flesh.

Why would God do this? Why would He handicap us in this way?

Should we believe God is punitive, even sadistic, to send us into this temporary state of blindness?

Should we believe it is His cruel intent to give us a case of near complete amnesia and muffled perception, and then punish us for our slowness and our blunders?

My heart cries, “No!  Never!”

Then, what?

God must take a merciful, long-suffering, patient attitude toward us. He knows that we will participate in foolish actions, make poor choices. He knows we will cling to ignorant, childish behaviors.

He knows we are working under a tremendous handicap.

In this sense, we are not just special to God, but we are temporarily “special needs” children. We have been temporarily separated from our full faculties. Why, then, do we think God’s heart would be any harsher toward us, than our hearts are toward the special needs children in our world?

God loves us as much—in fact, far more—than we could ever love them. He needs us, even as we need our children.  We are His.  His desire is to see us join Him and those others who have advanced to Godliness and Godhood.

The answer comes plainly to my mind: This negative estimation of God is the work of the Liar, Satan.  He is the one who is doing all he can to persuade us to blame someone, even to blame God, for our mortal challenges.

Instead of shame and blame, may we have mercy on ourselves and may we allow God to gift us with His mercy, His pure love for us.

~Colleen H.

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