“Fearing” another could be equated with “believing” another.

When we “fear” others more than God, it is the equivalent of believing others more than God.

We have troubled, angry, hurting parents, for example, who tell us negative things about ourselves. But we go to God and we perceive—through the counsel of God’s prophets and through the direct witness of the Spirit to us—that those negative things aren’t true.

Then the question becomes, who do we believe?

We have to make an active, concerted effort to believe God. Why? For one thing, God is invisible. For a second thing, God is kind and will not cram His opinion of us down our throats. And for a third thing, Satan is not kind and will dog us continually, making every effort to impress us to remember anything negative about our self.

So today, when the dark thoughts of our own worth beset us, who are we going to choose to believe?

~Colleen H.

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