I’ve been feeling a little put upon lately.

Well, to be honest, for the past several years.

And it’s been ticking me off so much that I’ve gained 40 pounds.

And that ticks me off too.

And in the midst of my ticked-offedness this morning, I read this verse of scripture:

“For behold, I have refined thee, I have chosen thee in the furnace
of affliction.” (1 Nephi 20:10)

Trials and afflictions, in and of themselves, are not necessarily refining or ennobling. They’re just hard. What transforms them into a thing of value is our willingness to look for the lesson.

When we rely on the Lord, put our trust in Him and allow Him to lead us through the trial, that is when our afflictions change us—refine us, strengthen our spirit, make of us a better person. That is when afflictions make us humble, rather than bitter. Teach us compassion, rather than reinforce selfishness. Lead us to extend mercy, rather than insist on justice.

Without God’s help in our trials, without our trust and reliance upon Him, trials are just so much pain and misery.

~Karlene B.

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