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12 Step Materials for the Latter-day Saint Community

The Direction of Perfection

Could it be that in order to move in the direction of ultimate perfection—toward God, Godliness, Godhood—I must accept myself as being right where I need to be at this moment? In other words, before I can move forward, I need to accept myself just as I am. I need to...

A Recipe for Recovery

There are only two ingredients in the recipe of recovery—conscious contact with God and honesty. Conscious Contact. To make conscious contact with God, you must first believe it is possible. If you’re not sure you believe you can do it, that’s okay. Start where you...
Becoming Zion: An Easter Message

Becoming Zion: An Easter Message

Yesterday, at the Thursday noon phone meeting of Heart t’ Heart, we had five sisters there from five different states. What an amazing blessing that was! To picture that we five were connecting across so many miles, all of one heart and one mind, admitting our...
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