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Letting Our Trials Refine Us

I’ve been feeling a little put upon lately. Well, to be honest, for the past several years. And it’s been ticking me off so much that I’ve gained 40 pounds. And that ticks me off too. And in the midst of my ticked-offedness this morning, I read this verse of...
The Damage is NOT Irreparable

Irrational Kindness

God is irrationally kind by the ways of man. His ways are higher than our ways. His kindness is infinite. It can afford to be. Where He dwells and where we came from–and where we will eventually return –there is no limit to time. There is no limit to mercy...
The Damage is NOT Irreparable

God Is Irrationally Kind

Recently I was reading the parable of the workers who come late to the field and yet the Lord pays them the same as those who came earlier. (See Matthew 20.) As I read, I saw how similar to the story of the prodigal son (in Luke 15) this story of the laborers in the...
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