Overcoming Evil

At a conference a few years ago, a talked about how important it is to fight the adversary, to do combat with him. I suppose that on the surface this seems like a good idea, but my heart cried out, “No!” I wanted to jump from my seat and proclaim what I perceive to be...

Power to Do What Is Given

Living by the Twelve Steps is essentially agreeing to give up our power—or rather, our powerlessness—in exchange for God’s power. It is becoming willing to do only what God gives me the power to do. But when I offer up my will to God, relying on His power, does this...
With God, Nothing Is Impossible

Abstinence From the Inside Out

When you’re doing abstinence from the inside out, you are hardly even aware of doing it. Why? Because you’re not actually doing anything! Instead, it’s more like you find yourself doing it! Automatically. Easily. There is no white-knuckling, hanging on by your...
With God, Nothing Is Impossible

God Changes Us From the Inside-Out

The inclinations of my heart are changing—from the inside out. Leaving behind my addiction is not an exercise of willpower or even a deliberate choice. It’s deeper than that. It’s simply a feeling of not being interested or inclined to do the thing that for years and...
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